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Something New Is In Our Storage Warehouse

Any guesses what these are?

Straw panels that will be used by Earth Bound Homes to build a house in the Bay Area.

Yes, straw—but unlike the “Three Little Piggy’s” no one will come along and huff and puff and blow this house down.

EcoCocon straw panels offer a sustainable alternative to standard building construction.

The result is prefabricated panels made with unprocessed wood and straw with no added chemicals for a healthier safer product. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable solution that takes very little energy to produce. EcoCocon uses straw which is the byproduct of wheat production that would have been thrown away, which helps reduce waste.

The straw insulation also has 3 added benefits:

  1. It creates thermal comfort, naturally keeps the interior temperature warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  2. Straw is resistant to the passage of sound and these panels provide acoustic comfort so noise from the outside environment will be reduced by 54 dB (54 dB reduces sound by 97.6% – so an air conditioning unit will sound like a whisper).
  3. Cost savings! The cost of materials and installation time is significantly reduced, which makes the straw panels affordable.
Earth Bound Homes is a San Jose company focused on “Building a Better Way”. Building efficient, luxurious and low maintenance homes that are a healthier place to live.

All Reasons has partnered with Earth Bound to receive, store and deliver these panels out to the project as they are needed. We are very excited to see this project come together and hope to post pictures later as the project progresses

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