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Smart Home Technology—Things to Consider

smart home considerations

The tech world for smart home products is dynamic with new products being released often. This makes it difficult to stay up on all the latest trends and product ratings.

A smart home is defined as a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronics that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. First, here are some considerations and decisions you’ll need to make.

  • Choose your Smart Home Platform: Do you want to align with the Apple HomeKit or the Google/Android (Google Assistant)? Each has its advantages and limitations. If you use iPhones, iPads and other devices, Apple HomeKit may be a more seamless choice. Likewise, if you are an Android user, Google Assistant may be your best option.
  • Select a Smart Home Hub: Do you want a central smart home hub? Some platforms like Samsung Smart Things or Hubitat offer centralized control and automation. Make sure the hub is compatible with your platform.
  • Voice Assistants: Choose one that is compatible with your platform, Siri or Apple devices or Google Assistant for Android. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa are platform-agnostic and work with both.
  • Identify Must-Have Devices: Once you’ve figured out the platform decide which devices you want to incorporate. You can do them all at once or a few at a time. Smart lights, thermostats, security cameras, doorbells, locks and sensors. Check compatibility with your chosen platform especially if you are planning for expansion later.
  • Mobile Apps and User Interface: Ensure the apps are user-friendly and provide the features you want and need.
  • Installation & Setup: Some devices are designed for DIY installation while others may require professional installation.


Smart home technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our living spaces, offering unprecedented levels of convenience, efficiency, and security. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a homeowner looking to upgrade, choosing the right smart home devices requires careful consideration.