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Silicon Valley Moving and Storage

In Silicon Valley when moving into Storage at a professional facility your items are placed in what is called a Vault. A vault is a wooden box measuring approximately 8 x 7.5 x 5.5 feet. Your items are picked up at your home or office inventoried, disassembled, blanket wrapped and brought into the warehouse and placed into the wooden crates for storage.

To properly store items in a vault all small items must be in a box. Check out our Helpful Tips page for tips on packing.   Movers pad wrap furniture

and/or shrink wrap for protection. Loading the vault to utilize the space takes practice and skill. It’s like a Jenga Puzzle, everything goes in the vault a certain way to ensure nothing gets damaged and the shipment is condensed down to save space therefore saving money for the custo

Once a vault it full they close it up and forklift it into place for safe keeping until the customer calls for the items to be returned. At All Reasons Moving  our facility is more secure than a public storage because no one has access except our staff. Our facility is clean, alarmed and secure as well as climate controlled.

If you are in Silicon Valley and are thinking about putting your items into a moving company’s storage  go visit their facility ahead of time. Make sure the moving and storage company has their own warehouse and are not putting your items in an off-site facility. Is their warehouse clean and organized? Do they have security? You wouldn’t move into a new house or apartment without checking it out, make sure you know where your belongings are going to be while in storage.