Back to School Organizing

Organizing Tips

Make it a breeze getting out the house with ease

Landing Station
Set up an Arrival & Departure area
Designate a place for everything to land when the kids get home

Designate a color for each person
Supply a hook or a couple hooks and a basket to match
Check out these hooks at Pier 1
Baskets can be found almost anywhere.  Check out these at Target
and The Company Store for some ideas

Sports Gear
Create a sports corner with colorful tubs to hold gear and travel equipment
A table with mirror can function as a Grooming Station
Stock this area with brushes, combs, hair ties and clips

Calendar Corner
Ensure everyone knows where to go and when
Set up a calendar and writing board.
If you have the room add mail boxes, one for each member of the family
Check out these stations at Pottery Barn

Keeping the family on track can reduce stress for everyone

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