Jesse James & All Reasons Moving

Jesse James on a bicycle in front of an All Reasons Moving van

Jesse James giving All Reasons Moving a thumbs up to show his support for how hard our guys work.  The building in the picture is Jesse’s warehouse and just after taking this picture, the guys went to lunch at Cisco Burger, Jesse’s restaurant located at 620 W. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA. Great place to eat if you happen to be in the area. 

Jesse is a big supporter of small business and an example of someone that has made a lot of money out of a hobby.  He took something he loved to do (build motorcycles) and made a business out of it. No matter what people think about his personal life (I’m not here to judge!)  Jesse is a great businessman that knew how to market himself and his business, West Coast Choppers.

While Jesse is most famous for being a custom bike and car builder he is also a producer, publisher, television host and restaurateur.  If you ask him to describe himself he says he’s a welder.  He’s a blue color guy and proud of it.

There are a lot of people that could learn a thing or two about business from Jesse James.

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