Home Security


In a previous blog “Home Moving Security”, we gave you tips on securing your garage, during a move. This article will focus on some easy, inexpensive ways to secure your home. Before moving into your new home you should do a walk around and take notes. You can also check with your local police department. Some offer home inspections and advice on securing your home.

Over 60 percent of burglars enter a home through a door, according to security experts. Walk around the home and take notes. See the home through thieves’ eyes. Burglars aim for easy access, a covered or obstructed view of their target, and a quick escape route. Are there any large shrubs, a tree, fence or wall that obscures a doorway or window? Is a wall or tree easily scaled, allowing a thief access to a window or backyard? While many of us cherish privacy, be careful that you don’t set yourself up as a target. Trim shrubs or bushes, put bells on side fences, and minimize ways that thieves can access your backyard, windows and doors.

The best deterrent is a home alarm system, which have a wide range of options and prices. From a professionally monitored center to do-it-yourself kits, find one that works for you and prominently post the signs provided with the system. Statistically, most thieves will walk right by a property with an alarm sign posted. They want easy and quiet.

Are the windows and doors firmly set in their frames? Are you able to lock them from the inside? If there are large sliding glass windows or doors, install a bar along the bottom inside track of the frame to prevent opening. Are there deadbolts on all solid doors. Outdoor lighting can be easily swapped out for motion sensor lights.

A dog is a great deterrent. If you don’t have a dog, display a “Beware of Dog” sign anyway. A perpetrator will just as soon heed this warning than actually take the time to make sure the sign is correct. You can even purchase a motion sensor with barking dog, check out Electronic Secure Dog.
Be secure, don’t be a victim!