What Are the Different Types of Moving Storage Facilities?

Storage Containers

While moving to your new home, you might need to rent a certain storage space for different reasons. Renting a storage space from a storage facility can be helpful if you are downsizing and you need to store some belongings somewhere before you can sell your extra things. Luckily, there are a few different storage facility options that you and your family can choose from.

What Are My Storage Facility Options?

  • Through your moving company. If you are already planning on hiring a company to assist you with moving, then you should also consider using storage through that company. Moving companies such as All Reasons Moving offer large storage warehouses that are climate controlled, clean and secure. This is a perfect option for long-term storage and if you don’t want to deal with researching a separate storage option. All Reasons Moving also offers Storage-in-Transit, which is great for short-term storage for a few days or weeks.
  • Self-storage. Specialist companies offer multiple types of storage spaces within their facilities for certain individual needs. This storage option is beneficial if you want personal access to your storage space at virtually any time. You also have a lot of freedom to arrange and organize your belongings the way you want, and you can choose how close it is to your current residence, the amount of climate control, and other options.
  • Mobile storage. This type of storage involves you arranging for a unit or POD (an empty trailer, container or flatbed vehicle) to come to your home. Using your own time, you can fill up the POD with your storage goods, and then someone will come and take it to a warehouse or a facility. No truck is needed for this option, and the storage comes to you. Just make sure your belongings are properly packed and loaded in order to avoid damage.

Having multiple storage options is great if you are ready to move but you are unsure how organized you want to be and how much control you will want with how your things are temporarily stored. Contact All Reasons Moving today if you are interested in storing your belongings with us.

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