5 Key Steps Toward Your Safest Move During The Coronavirus

Tips & Tricks

It’s not like you planned on moving during a pandemic. Things are normally stressful during a move without adding an extraordinary challenge like coronavirus. At All Reasons Moving, our past experience during a host of unpredictable situations has prepared us to help you preserve a move that’s likely to be safer and healthier as you transition into your new space.

Here are 5 key steps you can make to keep moving with confidence in uncertain times like these. You don’t have put anything off with a move when you’ve got a smart, concrete plan (and solid partner in a moving company).

1) Video Surveys work wonderfully

If your move requires an in-home survey, All Reasons can do a Video Survey with one of our staff. In fact, staying on the subject of video, you’ll be glad to know that placing furniture in the home can be done virtually with video too.

2) What can YOU pack ahead of time for safety reasons?

All Reasons can pack everything for you but if you don’t want people in your home for an extended period of time, we recommend packing your items in boxes ahead of time.

3) Social distancing

The beauty of working with highly experienced movers is that we don’t need a lot of handholding. So, while All Reasons movers are loading or unloading furniture, you can direct our team even from outside if need be so you maintain a safe distance. As items are coming off the truck which room it goes into and that’s it. We haven’t had much trouble social distancing with clients. And the team does wear masks.

However, if you’re uncomfortable being at the home at all? Is the move still a go? You bet. Our trained staff can show up, load and go without needing any interaction. Like we said, we can coordinate virtually any details with you in advance.

4) Don’t pack your antibacterial soap, paper towels or cleaning supplies.

For one, our team will need to wash their hands throughout the day. Secondly, you’ll want to sanitize your home after we leave, so keep your cleaning supplies close at hand.

5) Keep windows and doors open.

This helps to increase ventilation in the home, which may be quite essential in times like these where safety precautions are a must. On a related note, do alert All Reasons ahead of time if anyone in your household is sick.

Even in the most challenging of situations, you can count on the team at All Reasons Moving & Storage to preserve your peace of mind – and your original move date. Whether it’s local, long-distance or international, know that your move is one element that you can have totally under control. So let’s talk today about your plans at (408) 351-9515.