Which 5 Packing Supplies Should I Have for My Move?

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Packing your household items for a move can be stressful and overwhelming. Even if you are having an experienced team of movers pack for you, there is almost always some stuff you want to pack yourself.

5 Packing Supplies for a Quick and Easy Move

  1. Specialty boxes. Boxes are a given staple for any efficient move, but if you have specific items that you don’t want in a regular cardboard box, you can purchase specialty boxes. These specialty boxes can be used for mirrors, artwork, clothing, mattresses and glassware. NOTE: If you are using a licensed mover, they should provide wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes free of charge if moving locally.
  2. Bubble wrap. If the movers are packing, this is a consumer product and not something movers typically use. If you want to wrap your fragile items during the move, it’s perfectly fine. Avoid wrapping wood, glass or pieces of art because the plastic in the bubble wrap can melt under warmer conditions. Sweat may cause condensation on the piece.
  3. Packing tape. A roll of heavy-duty packing tape should be used to securely tape your boxes throughout the entire move. Make sure to tape the bottom of your boxes with more than one piece. Usually, three pieces of tape works best. One on the seam, then two side-by-side overlapping the first. This will prevent your belongings from falling through the bottom, especially with used boxes. One piece to close the top is fine.
  4. Box cutters or scissors. Once you arrive at your new home, you’ll need a pair of scissors or a box cutter to open the taped-up boxes. This will cut down time during your unpacking process.
  5. Markers. Write on the top and sides of your boxes the room the items originally came out of so movers know where to place items in your new home. NOTE: Labeling the side makes it easier to see what is in the boxes when they are stacked.

If you would like an experienced moving company by your side, contact All Reasons Moving & Storage today. We can pack it all or just a few pieces and provide our own supplies as well.

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