What is a Local Move?

Local Move

The PUC (Public Utilities Commission) classifies a Local Move as anything under 100 miles. If you are moving locally you will be charged by the hour. Rates are based on how many men are needed for your move and time is calculated in the following way for residential moves (commercial/office moves are calculated differently).
– how long it takes to load
– driving time is doubled so if it takes 15 minutes to drive from the old to the new place  it’s counted as 30 minutes
– how long it takes to unload

Beware of companies offering a “flat rate”. There is always a loophole. The only way to get an accurate “binding” estimate is to have the company come take a look at exactly what you have. The estimate is a not to exceed price but it could always be less because it’s based on time.
NEVER book through a booking agent on-line. Always use a company which has it’s own personal web site and physical address.

Remember to use the BBB web site, PUC web and and CMSA sites to check out any company you are considering. Yelp and Angieslist, Likelist, and  Merchant Circle are  good resources and places to read reviews.  But don’t just rely on those sites, check out the ones listed above, make sure their license is active and if there have been any consumer complaints filed against the company.

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