Using an Organizer Before Moving

Organizing Tips

At All Reasons Moving we often recommend hiring a Professional Organizer before boxing up, to help sort and de-clutter especially if you are downsizing and/or have been in your home for many years. The busy lifestyles everyone has living in the Bay Area usually means you have a lot on your plate and don’t think about sorting or getting rid of stuff until it’s time to move.

The type of things an Organizer can help you with would be:

  1. Sorting and Purging. Often the most difficult part of moving is deciding what to keep and what to toss. An Organizer counsels people to go through their belongings prior to moving. People don’t think they have a lot of unused stuff, but when they actually go through it they’re surprised. For instance, they have 15 sets of bed sheets and they really only use four.
  2. What’s Important? A good organizer will ask clients what is really important to them. What do they value, love and use most often? This becomes the plumb line around which choices are made. Grief can complicate situations, for example when a surviving spouse has trouble letting go a good Organizer will not push. Ultimately it is the client’s decision what to keep and what to donate.”
  3. Downsizing. When a move involves downsizing, it is useful for an organizer to know the actual room and house or apartment dimensions. Going from a huge walk-in closet to one or two smaller ones will dictate the amount of clothing and accessories you can take. If your new dining room only accommodates six and your table linens are for an 8-ft. table, then some choices become obvious.
  4. Changing Lifestyles. A move can bring real life-style changes too. If you have a garden at the old place but no longer will have one in the new location, don’t bring the tools.
  5. A “Disinterested” Observer. Relationships can muddy the waters. A caring, professional organizer helping to sift through things can be easier than a sibling or child with whom you have a relationship.
  6. Paper. Pay close attention to paper. Statistically, we only look at 20% of the paper we keep. Paper is heavy, costly to move, and takes up lots of space. A professional organizer will help you box only the most important papers.
  7. Arrival Box. Having a clearly marked Necessary Box (see previous post) with items you will need at your new destination is useful. In addition to toothbrush, toothpaste and jammies, think about having appropriate bedding handy.
  8. Trust. For more information about professional organizers, visit the National Organization of Professional Organizers. There you will find a list of organizers in your area—trained and vetted— that you can trust to assist your family or your elderly parents in this potentially stressful time.

For More Information, contact:
National Association of Professional Organizers

Bay Area: Amanda Kuzak – Kuzak’s Closet
(650) 646-4343

Fresno Area: Brenda McElroy – Organized by Choice

At All Reasons Moving, our goal is to eliminate the stress of moving by providing fast, courteous, knowledgeable and professional movers. We customize the move to fit your individual needs and can help you find the right team of professionals to assist with other needs such as Organizers, Painters, Carpet Installers or House Cleaners to help reduce your stress level before and after the move.

Please call us for a free, no obligation quote on your moving needs: home, apartment and office and we will be happy to share our list of resources with you. We can even help with hauling unwanted items away to recycle, donation, eWaste or dump. Happy Moving!

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