Truck Accidents

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Moving Companies, Freight Forwarders and other transportation companies carry everything from Household Goods to Heavy Equipment and even Chickens. Truck drivers are on the road many hours a day and most of them are extremely good drivers and have learned to drive defensively. Passenger vehicle’s NOT truck drivers are the cause of 70% of all fatal crashes involving a car and commercial truck, according to Federal Government statistics.

Over the years we have seen many different things involving cars just not being polite to truck drivers. Ever see a truck change lanes without using his blinker?  The reason for this is 90% of the time if a truck driver puts on his blinker cars will cars speed up to pass deliberately NOT letting the driver change lanes. No one wants to get behind a truck but this gets very frustrating day in and day out for the truck driver.

No one likes missing their turn and having to go back imagine having to find a way to turn an 80,000lb truck around just because someone wouldn’t let you over. Another big cause of accidents is cars cutting trucks off on the highway. A small truck (26ft bobtail) has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of at least 26,000lbs. How fast do you think that truck can stop? A semi has a GVW of 80,000lbs. Keep this in mind before deciding to cut off a big truck.

Stopping distance for a car going 65mph is 315’ versus a truck which is 525’.
These are Professional Truck Drivers and they don’t want to have an accident any more than you do BUT know and be aware they can’t stop on a dime.

Next time you see a truck trying to change lanes be nice, let them in. Remember they are just trying to do their job, letting them in may just make their day!

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