Tips to Avoid Moving Company Fraud

tip & trips on orange sticky note sticky note next to house cut out

1.    Don’t book your move on-line or over the phone without verifying that the mover has an actual location in your area. Do not schedule your move through an online service.  These on-line services sell their leads to moving companies in the area that may not have a stellar reputation. If they had a good reputation they wouldn’t need the service. Talk via email or by phone directly to the Moving Company not a third party service.

2.    Verify the company’s license. All movers are required by law to demonstrate their legitimacy on all their documentation.

3.    Verify the license number with the California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA)or the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

4.     Legal movers charge by the hour (local moves), and by weight/mileage (distance moves).

5.    Bandits (rogue movers) “rip off” innocent consumers by charging exorbitant fees for extensive and unnecessary packing on items that should be pad wrapped.  They lure you in with a cheap hourly rate and then charge you for things you shouldn’t have to pay for had you used the mover with the slightly higher rate to begin with.

6.    Bandits will intimidate consumers to tip the crew. Tipping is NOT mandatory but it is accepted when the customer has received exceptional service.

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