Tips for Using Color to Stage Your Home

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What can you can do to help your home move quickly through the sale process. So far, we have covered improving the outside, and decluttering the inside with blogs such as: “Selling & Moving a Home – Get the Best Price” and “Stage Your Home for Selling“. Now color! When it comes to color, the bottom line is: Light colors enlarge; dark colors contract. You want to impress buyers with your home’s spaciousness, and they want to see that they can personalize it with their own tastes in color and decor. Dawn Thomas of Intero Real Estate says that only a small percentage of people can visualize something beyond what is right in front of them, so help them out! You want buyers to picture themselves in your home. For more tips on preparing your property check out more information on her web site Silicon Valley and Beyond Seller Tools.

Color fads come and go, so the best way to show off your home is in a neutral palette. The Realtors we talk to say the more neutral, the better. Navajo white is sharp and you can accent with white baseboards and white crown molding if you have molding. Accent walls can be a nice touch but remember a potential buyer may not like a dining room’s solid chocolate wall.

If you want one or two walls or an archway to stand out, use a different neutral color, like, oyster or tan. Kelly Moore has a stunning variety of beautiful whites and neutrals.To add “pop,” place a colorful vase, quilt or pillows. Hang only one or two quality pictures, encouraging “spaciousness.”

A note on closets: They’re important to buyers! Paint closets inside with a bright, clean white.
Are you having trouble picking colors? You can always consult a professional like Kathy Sturr of Inside Out Designs. Kathy can do a consultation to help you pick colors maybe make some suggestions on window treatments and you can do the work yourself. OR if you don’t have time to do the work you can hire Inside Out Designs to take care of everything for you.
We wish you happy home selling, and happy home moving!

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