Tips for Packing Glass and Other Fragile Materials

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One of the more stressful tasks to take on during a move is packing up all that glass, fine china, and other fragile goods. Some opt to use bubble wrap and heavy boxes, others newspaper and crates. Whatever packaging material you decide to use, check out these tips to up your glass packing game.

Use Appropriate Packing Material

Don’t store fragile items with heavy or bulky items. During the move, large items can shift and shatter light delicate glasses or crack the plastic on fragile electronics. Store your glass together and don’t be afraid to use multiple boxes full of packing material. There are various types of packing material:

-Newspaper: Readily available, recyclable and biodegradable. Newspaper can be used to wrap glass plates and bowls, or to stuff inside delicate vases and cups. Make sure all the glass is covered and use excess newspaper to fill empty spaces in the box. Newspaper isn’t the best packing material for electronics. Moving Companies and packaging stores sell newsprint that doesn’t have writing on it. This helps keep your items and your hands clean and not full of black ink.

-Bubble wrap: While not biodegradable, this light-weight, flexible plastic can also be used to wrap electronics. You can also ball it up and stuff it in empty spots to provide more cushioning and support.

-Packing Peanuts: Usually made of Styrofoam, packing peanuts are not eco-friendly and a bit messy, but can help fill up empty spots in boxes more so than other packaging materials. Use these to add cushioning and fill the box rather than engulf your items with just these entirely. If you’re worried about the environment, consider biodegradable starch peanuts instead.

You’re not restricted to just one of these, so use a combination to minimize the chance of glass or fragile items breaking. Remember the more paper and packing material you use the less likely something will break.

Prepare Against Inclement Weather

If you’re moving during winter, keep in mind that cold temperatures can cause glass to become brittle. You’ll want to pack a little more thoroughly or use more packing supplies to ensure the safety of your products. For rainy weather, make sure your packing supplies don’t get wet.
Also keep in mind the road conditions during the move. If there has been heavy snow, consider how the moving van may brake or turn in these conditions. Slippery roads could encourage the truck and its items to slide or bump around. If you are moving yourself make sure when packing up the moving van your glass is secure and will not slide or fall during the move.

What’s in the Box Matters

If you are packing yourself cardboard wine boxes can be used to move your glassware. The divided sections within the box are made to provide support to glass items so use this to your advantage. Other boxes to consider are thicker walled or heavier bottomed boxes. Moving Companies use dish packs or mini dish because they are a thicker heavier box. Because they are a thicker box they won’t crush as easily and you can stack other boxes on top without worry. When packing your box, put heavier items on the bottom and pack your glass on top. And don’t over pack! Leave space at the top and fill it with newsprint or newspaper.
If you’re unsure how to pack your glass safely, give All Reasons Moving a call. Our experienced workers can help you figure out what packing materials are best for your move.

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