Tips for Getting Ready to Move

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As soon as you start to think about moving begin sorting and getting ready. People don’t realize how much stuff they have until they start getting ready for a move.

Let the sorting begin!
Don’t wait till the last minute. Do you have a couple months before the move? Start by cleaning out one closet each weekend. Set goals for yourself and break this up into smaller pieces rather than trying to tackle the entire house in one weekend.

Purchase moving boxes and garbage bags. Separate items into 3 different categories; Throw Out, Donate and Keep. Then begin packing your keep items into boxes. Mark boxes with which room/closet they came from. If you have a garage use that area for staging.

Sell! Sell! Donate!
This might be a good time to have a garage sale. Do the sale at least 2 weeks before your move so you have time to take the items that didn’t sell to donation. Advertising big items on Craigslist is a good way to get rid of larger items. Whatever doesn’t sell, Donate! But whatever you do, do not put things back in your house or garage.

Sorting prior to your move is a big time and money saver. If you move locally you are paying by the hour. So why pay to move items you are going to donate or throw away?

If you are moving long distance (over 100 miles) you will be charged by weight. Think about that old washer or torn recliner, are they worth taking and paying the extra weight. Really look at your heaviest items and decide if they are worth taking across country with you.

For packing tips go to: All Reasons Moving

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