Things To Do Before You Move

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Okay, so you are moving. You are probably dreading packing everything perfectly so nothing will get damaged. Don’t forget that the best moving companies can pack up your entire home and unpack it for you at your new place. The following is a list of some things to do before you move that you may not have thought of:

One Month Before You Move: Take the time to cancel any recurring subscription services or notify them of your expected move and your new address. If you don’t, those recurring charges will continue to post to your credit card until you finally notice and cancel. It’s important to get a jump on canceling at least a month before because many subscription type services require a 30-day notice.

Three Weeks Before You Move: The California Department of Motor Vehicles advises people to closely manage their auto insurance during a move. States have varying levels of mandatory coverage so it is important that you comply with the law. Even if you remain in the same state or even the same city, rates can differ depending on your zip code and address. So it is important to call your car insurance company before your move to find out the deadlines for updating coverage and coverage rates at your new address.

At Least One Week Before You Move: Even though you are able to change your address online with the postal service, you should do so as early as possible to ensure that you will receive your forwarded mail when you move in.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of all of the things that you need to do before your move, it should get you thinking about what you will need to do. The time leading up to a move can be stressful but it does not have to be. If you are moving in the San Jose area, contact All Reasons Moving for assistance with your move.

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