Suspend AB32 Legislation

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In these economic times there is yet another bill that is going to kill more businesses and cost consumers billions.

AB32 is a California Legislative bill that is being implemented right now. Economic experts project this bill will kill more businesses in our state and cost over a MILLION MORE JOBS and substantially add to the cost of goods and services that we all need and consume. There is only short period of time to have a chance of suspending this bill. To do so will take a strong “grass roots” effort from the citizens of this state.

The California Chamber of Commerce study projects the following:
California families will be facing increased annual costs of $3,857 and consumers will be forced to cut discretionary spending by 26.2 percent in order to cope with the increased costs generated by the scoping plan.

The average annual loss in gross state output from small businesses alone would be $182.6 billion, approximately a 10 percent loss in total gross state output. This will translate into nearly 1.1 million lost jobs in California. Lost labor income is estimated to be $76.8 billion, with nearly $5.8 billion lost in indirect taxes. The decline in revenues will have a severe impact on future state budgets, the authors said.

Without going into all of the aspects of this “Climate Change Bill”, the effect on all industry will be extremely difficult with trucking suffering the most negative impact.

For complete study go to: California Chamber of Commerce AB32

Please sign Petition’s being circulated to suspend this bill. Completed petitions need to be turned in to the address listed on the document by April 15th.

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