Selling & Moving a Home – Get the Best Price

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Summer is typically the busiest time in the home moving industry, corresponding to the busy real estate season. Home moving requires planning and there are many details you need to think about and plan ahead beginning with selling your home. To get the best price in the shortest time frame sellers need to be serious about how they present their home. Here are three things to improve chances of getting your home sold faster and improve your chances for a top-dollar sale.

These activities are “•Minimum”, “••Better” and “•••Best”, based on budget, time and ability.
1. LANDSCAPING – Kill or encourage a potential sale in those first critical seconds of curb appeal—just by your landscaping’s appearance! A beautiful landscape can increase resale value up to 20%, selling an average of 1.5 months faster!
•Minimum: mow lawn, pull weeds, trim trees and bushes, clear clutter.
••Better: Plant native plants or colorful flowers, arrange decorative rocks, put something pretty on the porch.
•••Best: Renew the lawn with sod or artificial turf. Artificial grass (UV-protected polymers) has 8+ years’ guarantee. No watering, mowing or weeding, and pet-friendly! Less maintenance is generally appealing. [Note: worms will leave, so if you enjoy watching birds work your lawn, use real turf.]

2. WINDOWS – Old windows and slanting shutters shriek, “Haunted house!” Morticia doesn’t live here, so get those windows fixed!
•Minimum: Wash.
••Better: Sand, re-grout, replace screens, repaint casings and shutters.
•••Best: Replace. Aluminum siding windows give a clean, simple, energy friendly boost. New, cool window designs include dual-paned, double-hung windows in wood and/or aluminum. Argon gas between the panes furthers energy efficiency, and they’re super-easy to clean. Studies show new windows produce significant ROI (return on investment).

3. ENTRY DOOR – This is your future buyer’s portal! Make it count.

•Minimum: Dust, oil.
••Better: Sand, repaint.
•••Bestt: With a 129% ROI, installing a steel entry door is a great choice and they are gorgeous, and can be fire-rated.

So get busy making your list and figuring out where is the best place to put your dollars when getting ready to sell your home. You should always consult a Real Estate Agent they know your particular area and what the buyers will be looking for when touring your home.

Home moving needs careful planning, it helps to be organized check out our other helpful tips on moving Blogs and our Moving Checklist.

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