Proper Packing Materials for Shipping

Packing Materials

Having the right tools, boxes and packing supplies can make moving a breeze. Whether you are moving across town or overseas, moving an entire home or office, or just packing up things to mail, do your research when it comes to the proper wrapping and protecting of precious cargo, before placing them inside a box or crate. Most moving companies sell packing materials and there are also local packaging stores in your area that sell both new and used materials. Stores such as JDM Packing Supplies have a wide range of boxes and packing materials. All Reasons Moving is located in San Jose and stocks a wide range of packing supplies and boxes. All Reasons is open to the public Monday thru Friday.

Computers and Electronics. Many of today’s sensitive electronic devices need protective anti-static wrap as part of their immobilization inside a crate. Static can build up easily, and even slight static contact can damage sensitive circuit boards and delicate electronics. Be sure to order anti-static bubble wrap, and wrap your items with bubbles facing outwards.
Perishables. If you are shipping perishables, personal medications or any organic material requiring refrigeration, we recommend using cold packs. Cold packs ensure freshness (flavor, color, preservation from bacteria) for about 24 hours, and are leak proof. They come in a variety of widths, thicknesses and shapes. Their effectiveness is increased when combined with insulated box liners.

– Insulated box liners are designed to insulate any container very affordably. They preserve the low temperatures of cold pack materials while being of relatively low weight, keeping shipping costs down. Unused liners store flat until ready for use.
An “Ice Blanket” is a reusable, liquid filled, flexible cover that wraps easily around varying sizes and shapes of products. It can also be cut to accommodate smaller pieces. Ice blankets are FDA compliant, so that they are safe to use near food-grade materials.

– Short-Term Cold Preservation. For short-term moves, a “Cool Shield” bubble wrap, also FDA compliant in case of use with food, is appropriate. At almost ¼ inch thick, its foil-laminated cells cool and protect delicate items, like pharmaceuticals, personal medications, plants, chocolates, etc. The Cool Shield protects from water condensation and “sweating” in extreme temperatures, and acts as a general water barrier.
Note: When moving locally computers can be wrapped in moving pads and you are fine putting food and medications in an ice chest.  When moving cross country you should not transport food or other perishable items with the moving company.
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