Planning for your Move

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Determining what pieces of furniture to take to your new home can be overwhelming. Plan ahead to ease the stress.

Measure & Plan
Measure your furniture and the new space. Take note of doors & windows.
Sketch a rough floor plan.
Which pieces will work with the scale of the room?
Will the pieces fit and allow you room to move comfortably?

Decide what functions or activities will occur in each room
Will you watch television ?  Where will you place the tv?
Will you entertain? How many chairs do you need?

If you never eat in the dining room, do you need dining room furniture? Or will a simple table and chair set do?
Is there built in storage in the new home? Should you get rid of that extra bookcase?

Be bold and focused.
Be willing to let go. This is an opportunity for a fresh start.
Begin in your new home, with less.
Less Stuff equals MORE space – you decide.

Your home, your space – your choice!

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