Passing along a Quality Referral

Miscellaneous Moving Boxes

We received a phone call from a potential client wanting an estimate. During the course of the conversation she said  “My husband is a Real Estate Agent and he has a moving company he refers to his clients but this OUR stuff moving and I want someone better!”

I would think as an Agent he would want to refer only the best to his clients.  Hopefully, we can win him over and get his clients future business too!

When referring a company to  clients or friends you should have integrity. Think about this the next time you start to pass along someone’s name. Are they reputable? Are they licensed and insured? Do they have a good name in the community? WOULD YOU USE THEM?

It’s always a good idea to check out companies on the internet before hiring them. Just Google their name you never know what’s going to come up.  The Better Business Bureau is a good resource.

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