Packing for Moving

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Customers often ask when they are packing for moving can they can pack themselves and how the liability works when you’ve hired a Moving Company. Of course you can pack yourself. This is considered PBO (Packed by Owner) just be aware that if something inside the box breaks the mover is not responsible for the item because the insurance company assumes the person that packed it didn’t pack it properly.

Keeping that in mind if packed correctly simply moving from one location to another everything will be just fine. The key is to use the proper size moving boxes and lots of paper. Pack in boxes that are sturdy and have lids so they can be stacked easily. If you pick up a box and you can hear thinks clinking together you haven’t used enough paper. Rule is you can never use too much paper. The more fragile the item the more paper you should use.

We did an internal test to see what would happen to a box that was packed properly and dropped.

Test was:

  • Pack a dish pack with dishes and other breakables
  • Climb up to the second floor of our warehouse
  • Drop the box straight down
  • Box hits the ground
  • We opened the box and nothing was broke

This is extreme and something we would never recommend but it just proves our point that nothing will break if you use enough paper.  When in doubt use more paper! AND have fun packing!

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