Packing Boxes

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When packing boxes there are many different box sizes to choose from for packing up your home or apartment. Basic rule of thumb is:the heavier the item the smaller the box. You always want to choose the right size box for what it is you are packing. If for instance you pack books in a medium or large size box you will never be able to lift it. Keep in mind if you can’t lift it neither can the movers when the Moving Company comes to load your things. When packing also remember to fill boxes to the top, a full box is much sturdier than a partially filled box. You want to be able to stack boxes on top of each other and filling them to the top will make this much easier.

The following is a small guide to help you choose which size boxes you may need.

  • Book boxes (1.5 cu)  – heavier things like books, CD’s, records, canned food and toiletries
  • Medium (3.0cu) – bulkier items, pots-n-pans, tupperware, linens, toys, lampshades,
  • Large (4.5cu) – do NOT pack books or heavy items in this box, use for pillows,
  • blankets, kids toys and other bulky lightweight items
  • Dish or Mini-dish – glasses, plates, vases and other breakables

There are other boxes available like wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes (moving company will provide wardrobes at no cost for use on moving day), mirror boxes for paintings, lamp boxes & file boxes to name a few.

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