Organizing for a Move?

tip & trips on orange sticky note sticky note next to house cut out

How can you get ready?
When preparing to move, the task can seem overwhelming.

Simplify and Plan!
Buy different colored stickers.
Determine categories, for example:
Red stickers – Throw Away
Yellow stickers – Donate
Blue stickers – Move

Walk through your home with the stickers, mark the furniture you want to keep and items you don’t want. Keep in mind the space you are moving to. This will help you make informed, practical decisions.

Give yourself a week to decide on the questionable items. Then get ruthless and let go. The less you keep, the less you need to pack, unpack and place.

Get rid of everything you don’t want:
Put all these items in one area. Invite your friends and family to help themselves.
Whatever is left, donate or throw away.

Packing made easy:
Purchase moving supplies and pack a couple of boxes a day.
Do not pack what you no longer need.

Keep it simple!

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