Moving Tips

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Moving day is always stressful. So many things to remember, so many things to do. We try to offer Moving Tips to help remove some of the stress. One of the things we tell our customers to do is to pack a moving box with essentials. Do this a few days before and leave the box open. As you think of something toss it in the box. When you arrive at your new home and realize there isn’t a light bulb in the bathroom you’ll know just where to go. Exactly what you will need may vary from person to person but below is a list to help get you started.

The box should contain those items you may need immediately at your new home.

  • lease or new mortgage paperwork
  • a set of towels
  • body soap
  • toilet paper
  • light bulbs
  • flash light
  • paper towels
  • anything else you think you may need right away

It’s also a good idea for each person to pack a suitcase with personal items like toothbrush & night clothes so you can easily find things you will be needing that first night without having to completely unpack or search through boxes.

Planning ahead will help take some of the stress out of the move.

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