Moving? Size Does Matter!

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When scheduling a move Size Does Matter!

As a Moving Company in the Bay Area we have to customize each job to fit the clients needs. Every customer is furnished slightly differently so as a Moving Company in the Bay Area we have structured our company so we can customize each move to meet the clients needs. You should be prepared to give as much detail as you can regarding how much you have to move. For example, three bedroom houses come in different sizes.
A 1000 square foot three bedroom house can be moved with three men & one truck.  But a 1600 square foot house will require four men so on and so forth. The more you have the more men you want on your move. Keep in mind it’s going to cost you less in the end to have more men for less time than it is to have less men more time.

Are you moving from a bigger home to a smaller one? What are you doing with the extra furniture? For Example, moving from 2500 square feet into 1200 square feet isn’t all going to fit. Are you going to need storage? Think about all the options. AND if you are using a Moving Company the should be able to present all the options to you when they do the estimate.

To ensure a stress free move always provide as much information as you can to the Moving Company.
You can also schedule an in-home inspection to receive a written estimate.  If you want a written estimate remember to call in advance. Call at least 3-4 weeks before your move this will help ensure you get the date you want for both the estimate as well as the actual move.

Do you know the square footage of your home?

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