Moving – Setting Up Your Rooms

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Moving to a new home or apartment and you are needing to make the most of your new space, be sure to set up your rooms for maximum use.

Find a focal point
Place your furniture facing a focal point. This could be the view from a window or perhaps the fireplace.

Make sure you achieve the purpose of the room. For example, if your living room functions as a conversation area then do not have all your chairs facing the TV screen.
Think about pathways, you want enough legroom to get by and be comfortable in the space. If you use this room to read in make sure there is proper lighting.

Rug Placement
Don’t let your rug float alone in the room with a large border around it. Use the rug to guide your furniture placement. Either, place the furniture on the rug, or very close to it.

Does the room feel crowded?
Enter the room as a visitor. Is there enough room to get to the other side, without having to move furniture? Do you feel like sitting down and having a chat?

If you answered yes, then the placement of your furniture and functionality are working.
If your answer is no, then your room needs more work.

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