Moving? Measure the Rooms

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When moving you want to plan ahead as much as possible. Measuring your new space is a great idea if you think there may be any issues with furniture pieces. Draw up a floor plan of the new home. The floor plan doesn’t have to be perfect just sketch it out and draw in your basic pieces. Even if you are moving to a bigger home, the rooms may be set up differently than where you currently live. It’s a good idea to measure the larger pieces to make sure they are going to fit where you have in mind.

We recently moved a client that had a large sectional sofa and when we got to the new home it was too large for the family room. We ended up taking it to donation. Had they known ahead of time they could have put it on Craigslist or another site and possibly gotten a few dollars for it. On moving day they were just happy we could haul it away for them.

Moving day can be stressful and trying to decide furniture placement while the movers are standing in front of you can add to your stress level. A little planning ahead can save you time, money and sanity.

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