Moving? How to Pack Food


Non-perishables: can be packed in book boxes. Do not overfill the boxes.

Check lids: make sure they are tight. Putting a piece of Saran Wrap between the lid and the bottle to create a better seal. Do not pack bottles or jars that don’t have lids or do not have a proper seal.

Glass Bottles: these could break with the vibration of the moving van. Wrapping fragile bottles in paper is a good idea. Wrapping every other bottle so they don’t clink together works well.  When moving locally things aren’t in the truck very long but when moving further away stuff is in the truck longer, pack accordingly.

Refrigerated Foods: refrigerators and freezers need to be emptied. You can unload these while the movers are working on other parts of the house.  For a local move simply pack items in book boxes. If you are worried about perishables load those into ice chests (ie., milk and cheese).

During a local move the refrigerator and food will be loaded onto the truck near the end. This means it will be one of the first things off the truck at your new home and you can begin putting your food back in the refrigerator immediately.

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