Moving Expenses You Don’t Want to Forget in Your Budget

Moving Expenses

Are you planning on moving? You should continue reading this blog to learn more about the expenses you could incur. According to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide, the average cost for a local move from a two-bedroom apartment or a three-bedroom home can range from $400 to $1,000. While budgeting for your move, it can be easy to overlook small details and forget crucial steps in the moving process. In order to avoid expensive surprises during your move, you should prepare for these inconspicuous moving costs.

6 Small but Significant Moving Expenses for your Budget

  1. Packing equipment and materials. You might not realize it, but buying packing items such as boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape can add up. While buying your materials, be realistic about the number of items you need, or try to find free materials from friends, family, and online.
  2. Extra cargo. The more stuff you’re moving, the more expensive your move will be. Your movers from All Reasons Moving & Storage will factor in the number and weight of your items into the final bill. Expect extra fees for valuables or large items that might require additional time, labor or space. Also, attempt to sell or donate as much as you can to save money on a smaller moving vehicle.
  3. Cleaning. You will probably need to clean your current residence from top to bottom before moving, especially if a security deposit is involved. Housecleaning services can cost up to $300, but you can save money by cleaning some or all of your space yourself.
  4. Utilities. When setting up utilities at your new space, you should watch out for deposits, taxes, and special installation fees. These could range anywhere from $50 to $400, so make sure to ask about these charges in advance.
  5. Tips. Most movers appreciate tips after a day of heavy-lifting. A 5 percent tip is always acceptable, but give your tip based on your overall satisfaction of the moving process.
  6. Storage. Sometimes people are unable to immediately move their possessions into their new residence. If this is the case, you may have to rent a self-storage unit for a period of time. Costs will vary by location and size, but the less time and space you need, the cheaper the unit will be.

If you are ready for your move and would like more information about your moving budget and expenses, don’t hesitate to contact All Reasons Moving & Storage today for a free moving quote.