Moving – Creating Quiet Space Outdoors

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Moving to a new home or apartment?  There is lots to do with setting up the inside of the house to make things cozy. Lots of boxes to unpack and things to do. Plan your outdoor space, maybe create a charming retreat to sit and relax in the California sun. If you are planning dinner with friends, hotdogs with the kids, or just a place to read a book, life feels better outside!

Outdoor Décor Ideas

  • Find a fun outdoor rug, Outdoor Rugs
  • Put up an open gazebo or umbrella to shade the area.
  • Hang some lights, or a chandelier.
  • If your garden set is worn, a coat of paint does wonders.
  • An old bench or a new one can easily be enhanced with pillows.
  • A couple of pots with plants, a fountain, or some chimes and you are ready to entertain outdoors.
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