Moving Company Has Service Options

Hiring a Moving Company

When planning a move you must first decide if you are going to do it yourself or hire a moving company. If you decide to hire a moving company there are different levels of service they can provide and with most levels there are things you can do to keep the cost down. So whether you want someone to move it all or just move a few pieces the moving company can customize the move to fit your needs.
FULL SERVICE: The moving company can pack, move and unpack everything and you don’t have to do anything. You don’t even have to be home.
MOVE FURNITURE & BOXES: You pack everything and the moving company moves the furniture and the boxes.  Being packed and ready to go will help the move go faster if you are still packing when they arrive it will slow the process down. Also, if you are packing yourself remember everything should be in a sealed box this includes; lamps, mirrors, pictures and plants. For packing tips check out our video: Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

MOVE FURNITURE AND BOXES “BUT” you want to take some smaller items over ahead of time:
If this is the case our recommendation to cut the moving time down is to take over plants, pictures, lamps and lampshades. It will cut more time down taking one lamp than it would by taking three boxes. Plants for example don’t stack and take up a lot of room in the truck. Taking over these odd shaped items will cut down time for the moving company.

MOVE FURNITURE ONLY: You pack and move all the boxes yourself. The mover will disassemble and reassemble all furniture blanket wrap, transport and reinstall everything. If you are doing this option make sure everything is out of the movers way. The tops of furniture pieces are completely cleared off, shelves are empty and nothing is in the pathway for walking in and out. They cannot take a bookshelf if it is still full of books and if they have to move boxes and stuff out of the way to get to the furniture this slows down the process.

The first thing we tell everyone no matter which option you choose is to first concentrate on the packing. The biggest time and cost saver is to have everything packed and ready to go when the Moving Company arrives. Once you’ve gotten ALL the packing done then you can start taking smaller items over if you have time. We find that customers get ahead of their selves and start taking small items over before they are done packing. We get that you may be excited about your new place and can’t wait to move some things in but concentrate on the preparation and your move will go quickly and smoothly.

To help you stay on track with your next move check out our Moving Checklist.

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