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Moving Companies

Make sure the company is a legitimate company with a physical address.

We received a phone call from a Law Enforcement Agency in Las Vegas telling us a Moving Company was operating illegally and using our License Number. They gave us the company’s name and web address so we looked it up only to find that not only were they using our License number but they had copied our entire web site including pictures of our employees and put their name on the top.  This particular company came to the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies because they are ripping people off. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of one of these companies.

When choosing a Moving Company take the following precautions:
–    Make sure the company has a physical address NOT a P.O. Box and
NO ADDRESS at all should mean NO Business!
–    Their license number should be listed their site. Verify the number is valid and the name on the license matches the name on the web site. In California it looks like CalT-XXXXXX. Log on to the PUC web site to verify the number. (ICC number is an interstate number that can also be verified).
–    Request a certificate of insurance. The certificate will have a company name and policy number. Call the insurance company and verify the policy is valid. Companies have been known to forge these certificates.
–    Google the company name, what comes up? Check out sites such as YelpMerchant Circle and BBB. If they are a legitimate company that has been around for a while they should pop up in a search.

The company that stole our web site and License Number was Coaches On The Go.
Their web site has been shut down and the authorities are still on the lookout for them in California, Texas and Florida.  I’m sure they have changed their name and moved on to their next con.

Do not allow become to be a victim of one of these fly by night rogue or bandit moving companies. Take the time to check things out. The internet can be a great resource use it.

For more information check out CMSA’sarticle “Avoid Bandit Movers” bandit movers

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