Moving Companies in the Bay Area – How do they Charge?

How Much Do Moving Companies Charge?

Moving Companies in the Bay Area are regulated and licensed by the PUC (Public Utilities Commission). The PUC requires moving companies to charge by the hour for moves under 100 miles. Moves over 100 miles are charged by weight of the shipment. The PUC also makes sure moving companies carry the proper insurance (General Liability, Cargo & Workers Comp). By visiting the PUC web site you can check to make sure their license is current. 

When calling a moving company regarding Moving Services you will be given an hourly rate over the phone. The rate is based on how many men. It’s difficult to say exactly how long a move is going to take if the Moving Company hasn’t seen the house/apartment or office in person. There are averages that can be given over the phone based on square footage being moved 1200 square feet 3 men 6 to 8 hours).

In order to get a written Moving Company Quote the Moving Company must send a representative to do a visual inspection and write up an estimate based on number of hours they think the move will take. On the day of your move if the move takes less time you will be charged less. The only time you would be charged more is if you have changed or added something to the scope of work originally discussed.

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