Locating Digital Files

Moving Boxes

Ever find yourself struggling to locate files, pictures, and emails on your PC?  The more we become Digital Pack Rats, the more difficult it is to put our hands on needed items quickly.  Windows Vista has a fairly good search function but there’s no way to have search results for photos, emails, and documents appear together. There’s a search within email, and another within documents or photos. It’s OK, but it could be much better. Google Desktop is an improvement, and does combine search results.  However, presentation of the results is clumsy and not particularly fast on indexing recent items.

Two free programs will get you the PC information you need fast, in a concise presentation.

Copernic is the most comprehensive, and it presents the results of a PC wide search organized by emails, files, photos, and videos. It’s fast, and the price is right.  Unlike many freeware programs, this has the necessary capabilities for 99% of us need to stay desktop organized. You can download it free at Copernic download, and I urge you to do so today.  The program, “Everything” doesn’t include emails, but it’s fast on photos, documents, etc.  The indexing is almost instantaneous from the time of installation.  Your free download is at: voidtools.com.  I use both to get more done in less time.  “Everything” is for times I need all files related to a person, topic, or organization.  If I want all the items I have stored for “eWomenNetwork”, including my Outlook emails from a year ago, I use Copernic.

Saving time is like finding new money, so put descriptive names on every file and folder so these productivity aids can minimize your time spent finding essential information.