Loading a Storage Unit or Container

Storage Containers

In our last blog we posted about how to pack for storage. Today we’ll discuss how to load a storage unit or container. If you are thinking you are going to do it yourself you should check out these basic tips. There are different types of storage options and you must first decide which option is best for you.

Self storage facility: shop around and decide which facility looks the cleanest safest and what size unit you need. Rent the unit and you bring your items to that location.
Vault or container storage: there are a few different companies to choose from. Door to Door and PODS are the two most popular these days. Decide which one and they will deliver the unit to your home for you to load.
Moving Company: the other option if you are using a moving company for your move is to have the moving company bring everything to their facility. If choosing this option make sure the company is legal licensed and insured, visit the storage facility. How the warehouse is kept will tell you a lot about how they are going to treat your belongings. Choosing a California ProMover is the best way to ensure the company you are choosing is legal and operating within California Rules and Regulations.

There are pro’s and con’s to all options and for more information check out some of our other blogs Self Storage Security, The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage, Holiday Alert! Storage Containers Not Safe!

Make sure to pack and get everything ready – check out our last blog Packing for Storage for packing and preparation tips.

Loading a Vault or Container

  • Distribute the weight evenly throughout the container
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and stack lighter items on top
  • Pack the container as tightly as possible to prevent your belongings from shifting
  • Use ropes and straps to secure your goods
  • If you’ll need access to certain items, place them in the front of the container
  • Note: if you are going to need access a container may not be the best solution for you. You might want to consider a self storage facility where you have easier access.
  • Make an inventory of items placed in the container. This is especially helpful if loading more than one.

DO NOT LOAD MORE THAN 1400 LBS INTO A CONTAINER (weight limit is for units measuring 8x7x5, larger units can take more weight)

Loading a self storage unit

  • There are fewer things to have to worry about when loading a storage unit because it is not moving.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and stack lighter items on top
  • Furniture pieces should be covered with blankets to prevent damage. If you place a box on top of your dresser it is going to scratch it.
  • Pack tightly to prevent your belongings from shifting
  • If you need access to certain items put them in the front.

NOTE: The more times you go in and out of a storage unit the more chances you take of something shifting and breaking. You are also letting in dust and the heat/cold from the outside and this is not good for the furniture.  Extreme heat and cold can warp your furniture.

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