How Can I Prepare for an International Long-Distance Move?

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There are many different circumstances that would cause a family to move. Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, or had a job relocation, you can decide to move to multiple locations for many reasons. Some instances, however, require a family to move internationally. This type of move can present some interesting issues, so if you are about to be in this situation, here are some international moving tips.

3 Tips for International Moves

In order to determine the cost of your move you must first figure out what you are moving. You should first take a survey of your home to determine what you will want shipped. Your moving company can help estimate for you how much everything will cost to pack and ship, depending on the amount of goods you have and what type of goods they are. Keep in mind you are paying based on volume, so now is a good time to purge. If something is old and needs to be replaced don’t take it.

In most cases for international moves, your items will be shipped in a container. The mode of transporting that container is up to the company you are using. Make sure you choose a moving company that will handle all your customs paperwork and is familiar with the International processes.

Insure your move. A licensed moving company will offer you additional protection for your items. It will cost extra but you should spend the money and cover your items. The cost for the protection will vary depending on how much you are shipping.

Can All Reasons Moving Help Me With My International Move?

Our moving specialists at All Reasons Moving are familiar with the different options available for international moves, and are familiar with how to properly coordinate customs requirements. Some of our services include

  • Wrapping furniture
  • An inventory of all the items being shipped for you and customs
  • Professional staff to load the shipping container
  • Move Coordinator to work with you through the process
  • Customs coordination
  • Coordination at the unload to get the goods delivered to not only get the items delivered to your new home but also unloaded into the house in their proper spots

We can also offer any additional auto transport, packing services and freight forwarding if needed. If you and your family are planning to move overseas, contact All Reasons Moving to help you.

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