Home Moving: Fragrances – Part 1

boxes stacked with packing tape and plant on top

An Unexpected Home Moving Productivity Tool

Home Moving can be stressful for the entire family. It doesn’t matter what your situation. Single or have children. Have a three thousand square foot home or one-bedroom apartment. Moving across town or over to the next county. Sometimes all the excitement and build up you feel prior to a move can vanish into anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm.

Besides getting organized and planning your home moving project, what else can you do to support yourself? Why not include some pleasant fragrances in your environment? It can make the moving process (move prep, packing and unpacking) all little more enjoyable? You might even find yourself– and those who are helping you — with more energy, increased productivity, and an improved mood!

When enjoying my home or office environment, I know that lighting a scented candle or plugging in an automatic air freshener can help me relax. My mother told me that one of her tricks to welcome my father home at night after a hard day’s work was to brown onions and garlic on the stove. It didn’t matter what was for dinner! The smell immediately offered a calming, relaxing effect.

The Science Behind Fragrance & Mood

If you think this sounds manipulative, well, I guess you’d be right. In fact, scientific and market studies show that humans are extremely malleable when it comes to fragrance. The International Flavors & Fragrances  Inc. (IFF) is dedicated to researching fragrance trends and consumer insights. For example, a company changed only the fragrance ingredient of a shampoo. Consumers who tested the shampoo claimed that it was far superior in every category (gentler, better rinsing, shinier hair, etc.). Companies regularly spray scents into the air to help achieve certain moods and productivity standards.

Home Moving & Fragrance

So, do you want a happy move, a happy family, happy kids and productive helpers? Maybe some pumpkin pie scent would help. There’s no harm in adding a little spice to the atmosphere! Important Note: we do not encourage using candles or other fragrances requiring a flame during a home move. We suggest using plug-in diffusers or sprays. There are many natural sprays that do not use aerosols, if that concerns you.

Next time: Which fragrance for which purpose?

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