Home Maintenance Tips for Winter Allergies

Home Maintenance

Most of us think of summertime as the season for allergies. In this latest installment of our Home Maintenance series, we have advice on reducing dust, molds, pollens and other microscopic airborne particles that wreak havoc with sinuses during winter. Windy days bring their share of dust, and it is a big job to keep on top of it, especially if your family suffers from allergies or weak sinuses.

Drink Water.

The very first thing you can do for yourself to combat the ill effects of winter allergy symptoms is to drink lots of water. If you tip down three large glasses of water first thing in the morning, you might be surprised at how much that helps alleviate allergy symptoms, completely naturally. Although the thought of pounding that much water first thing might not seem too appealing, it can’t hurt, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Now back to the remedies requiring sheer elbow-grease!

Home Maintenance for Floors, Baseboards and Molding.

Take a stiff-bristle broom and sweep everything before vacuuming, even rugs where hair and dander can get trapped. Vacuum the floors, and with the brush attachment, vacuum all the baseboards and hard to reach floor areas. Fill a bucket with warm water and vinegar or floor cleaner, and using rubber gloves and a sponge wipe all the baseboards and walls. Squeeze out the sponge until practically dry and wipe down all pictures on the wall to get rid of dust and fly droppings.

Air Purifiers and Filters.

If you live in a particularly dusty or dry area, then cleaning out air filters and purifiers should be on your home maintenance list. At least twice a year call in professional cleaners to vacuum them out. Professional HVAC maintenance personnel will also recommend the proper filtration system for your home, based on square footage, number of pets and children, and proximity to dust creating environments, like highways, construction, etc.

Other Filters.

Consider investing in a vacuum with a series of filters for maximum trapping and dust containment. You can also keep windows closed and run a home purifier continuously.


The funny thing about windows is that you never notice them until they’re dirty! Keep windows sparkling by cleaning them on the inside, and spray television dust repellant on the glass. This home maintenance tip pays dividends as it creates a slick surface that dust won’t cling to. If you have a lot of window blinds you want to treat, you can mix a batch of your own DIY dust repellent. How cool is that?

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