Home Maintenance: Painting Accent Tips

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance doesn’t just mean repairs. Sometimes we just need a change of pace, a refreshing pick-me-up. If remodeling or moving is out of the question, here are some tips for how to get a new bang out of familiar rooms for a fraction of the cost and with minimal time.

Painting Accents is Home Maintenance

In a previous post in our home maintenance series we discussed painting just one accent wall in a room. This quick, easy project can be done in a day! If you already love the paint colors in your room, try sprucing up one or all walls with these ideas.

  1. Faux painting. Using glaze paints, you can dab on layers of complementary colors with sponges or rags. This is an “adding” technique; there are also removing techniques, where you paint on a complementary color, then take some of it off by rolling old rags across the surface at random angles. Both techniques result in a marbled, faux effect that can be quite beautiful especially on an accent wall.
  2. Stenciling. Craft and hobby stores carry an assortment of stencils, stencil brushes and special stenciling paint. If you want a row of seashells as a wall border in the bathroom, or flowers around a window these are super fun do-it-yourself art projects. All you need is some masking tape to hold up the stencil while you dab in the paint.
  3. Stripes and masking. It’s easy to mask off lines, multiple lines at angles and straight-edged shapes for quick designs. Use masking tape and butcher paper to mask off the lines and shapes not to be painted.

TIP: When using masking tape, using the original (not the new) paint color and paint along the edge of the tape where the new color will meet it. No matter how hard you press, no masking tape is 100% seep-proof. By painting the original color along the edge of the tape, the original color will seep through a little. When you paint along the edge of the tape with the new color, the original paint will already have sealed off the tape edge, so the new color can’t creep underneath it.

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