Holiday Alert! Storage Containers Not Safe!

Storage Tips

Doing a project on your home and need to remove the furniture?

A lot of people look to companies that deliver storage containers to your home. These companies advertise that the containers can be left on-site during the project.

Beware! This is not safe! If there is a container in a driveway a thief knows it’s full of  “stuff”.  We are hearing more and more reports of containers getting broken into and everything of value being removed. This type of crime is on the rise and we expect to see more of these containers getting broke into over the Holiday Season.

Our advice is to either keep your items in the house by moving furniture to rooms not being touched during the remodel OR remove everything completely to an off-site storage.

The service All Reasons Moving provides is: we come to your home disassemble the furniture, blanket wrap everything, load and bring it back to our climate controlled secured storage facility. After your project is done you make one phone call and everything is returned.

You’ve worked hard for your “stuff”.  Keep it safe!

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