Hiring Professional Movers for Your College-Bound Student

Hiring a Moving Company

It isn’t too early to think about how you are going to pack & move your college-bound student into the dorms or off site housing! This hallowed rite of passage historically has been reserved for frenzied parents, straining their backs and their patience amidst a crushing throng of hyped-up kids with their equally stressed parents, hauling heavy boxes up and down narrow stairs, squeezing into tiny rooms . . . Why do we do this to ourselves? Fall semester is right around the corner, so booking a professional moving company now is one step you can take to reduce some of the emotional stress and physical strain.

Hiring professional movers is a safe, sane and cost-effective way to help with the college transition. If your student is moving within California to a furnished dorm, you may be able to just do it yourself. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a professional mover you should still have everything packed and ready to go on moving day. Check out Helpful Tips for packing.

On the other hand if your child is moving out of state you have a couple options. If they don’t have any furniture consider boxing everything up and shipping with FedEx or UPS and they will deliver the boxes right to the dorm.  If however you are shipping furniture you may want to hire a professional to prepare your items for a long-distance move. Hiring a moving company to wrap and transport the items will save you time and money in having to replace something that was broken because you didn’t package it correctly. Also, by hiring moving professionals, you can cut down on your risk of personal injury, increase the safety and security of your young adult’s belongings, and leave yourself more time to enjoy these last precious moments with your college-bound student.

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