Here’s How to Make Your Apartment Moving Day Easier

Apartment Moving

Any move requires a lot of planning, organization and good luck, but apartment moving seems like an even more daunting task. Living in an apartment is completely different than living in a house, which of course would make the moving process different as well. Here are some important moving tips if you are moving out of an apartment and/or moving into a new apartment.

How Can I Move into an Apartment with Ease?

  • Stay organized: The most important step for any move, but especially for an apartment move, is to stay organized. Plan ahead what you will need and how your packing process will go, because most of the time people don’t realize how much stuff they really have. Figure out how many boxes you’ll need and label the boxes accordingly.
  • Donate your old things: An important step for moving, especially if you are moving to a smaller space, is to get rid of any old junk you no longer need. Old furniture, clothes, and any other household items can be donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Also, have a big yard sale before your move. This will help the move run smoother since you will have less stuff to haul over to your new apartment.
  • Rent a moving van or truck: Instead of taking multiple trips in your car to get all of your things to your new apartment, consider renting a moving vehicle. Depending on how far you are moving, this might be your only option, but either way it leaves you only one large trip then several trips.
  • Get help: If you live in an apartment building with no elevator, or a small elevator or only stairs, you will definitely need some friends and family to help you take all of your boxes to your apartment unit. Make sure to alert your moving helpers way ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. If no one is available, don’t hesitate to hire a great moving company who will assist you through the entire move with ease.
  • Book the elevator: Some apartment buildings actually allow you to hold the elevator for your move for an hour or two, so check with your new building to see if this is an option for you.

All Reasons Moving will make your apartment moving even easier, and we will provide you with a truck, and necessary moving equipment, boxes, or even packing assistance. Contact us today to get started on your move.