Here’s How to Get Ready for a Long-Distance Move

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Moving across your city or town is difficult enough, but moving to another state, across the country, or internationally can be even more stressful. The list of things to do is overwhelming, especially if you go into the moving process unprepared. Thankfully, All Reasons Moving can provide some essential tips to help your long-distance move run smoothly.

How Can I Organize My Long-Distance Move?

  • Interview Movers In Advance: Make sure to plan ahead and contact All Reasons Moving so we can provide you with a moving estimate. For a long distance move you should interview movers and getting estimates at least 8 weeks in advance. In the summer moving companies are booked several weeks and even months ahead of time.
  • Start Packing: There are always things you don’t use on a daily basis so start packing as early as possible and begin with things you don’t use much and can live without for a while.
  • Sorting: use this time to get rid of stuff you don’t need. If you are using a moving company you will be charged by the weight so you shouldn’t move things that you don’t like or need to be replaced. If your washer and dryer are old you might want to leave them behind and purchase new ones when you get to where you are going.
  • Valuables: Separate out jewelry and other valuables and take those yourself. Don’t forget about paperwork. Things like rental agreements, car registrations, birth certificates, passports etc you should keep in a filebox in your car.
  • Conduct home inspections: Before making your long move, it’s crucial you know of any issues with your new house. You will be able to work with the current owner on what needs to be fixed before you move in. This will save you some stress when you arrive at your new home.
  • Switch all utilities and services: Lastly, make sure that you look into new service providers, which would include electric, gas, cable, phone, garbage, water and sewage. It is crucial that you do this step at least four weeks before your scheduled move, because new services will usually need that time to get everything situated and installed for you. You may also need to pay a deposit, so make sure you know all the details before doing your long-distance move.

All Reasons Moving provides experienced movers that know how to efficiently move long-distanceContact us today to get started.

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