Fall Moving Tips: How to Keep Your Move Simple and Cheap

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You might think that the season during which you move makes much of a difference. However, from the type of weather you have to deal with to the holidays you may have to work around, when you move can have a big impact on the price and effort you have to put into your move. US News and World Report published an article featuring fall moving tips.

Tips for Keeping Your Move Simple and Cheap During the Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons to move. Summer tends to be the most popular season to move. However, that often makes it the most expensive season to move as well. Plus, moving in the summer means having to deal with the heat. Moving in the winter on the other hand is often cheaper than the other seasons. However, moving in the winter can result in having to deal with extremely cold weather and even snowy conditions. While it’s not quite as cheap as moving in the winter, moving in the fall is less expensive than moving in the summer. Plus, the weather is often not too hot or too cold. Below are a few tips to help make your fall move simple and cheap:

  • Keep walkways clear – This is true for any season you move. You want to make sure that the paths where people are walking when they are carrying boxes and furniture are free of debris and slip and fall hazards. One slip and fall hazard specific to fall is fallen leaves. These can become especially dangerous if it has rained recently, because leaves become very slick following a rain.
  • Packing – When you pack, make sure that you are organized. If you just randomly throw things in boxes, you can end up spending most of your time at your new place digging through box after box searching for items. Plus, if you pack the boxes properly, you can avoid having to use as many boxes during your move. Just make sure to pack like items, such as linens or kitchenware, together and label the boxes with what’s packed inside.
  • Transportation – Since most people tend to move at the end of the month, that’s often when moving rates are highest. Therefore, when you schedule your move with a moving company, try to avoid scheduling it during that time.
  • Plan ahead – Moving can become very chaotic very quickly if you are not careful. One thing you want to plan ahead for is making sure your utilities are set up for when you move in. Even though fall is not as cold as winter or hot as summer, you still do not want to move into your new place without having working electricity, water, A/C or heat.

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