Asking A Friend To Help You Move: Is It Worth It?

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When it comes time to move, many people often turn to friends to help them move. Is it really worth it to ask a friend to help you move? Perhaps a friend owes you a favor and you may think that them helping you move would not be unreasonable. If you are considering asking a friend, there are a few things that you should consider first.

Damage to Your Belongings

One thing people often don’t think about when they ask a friend to move is what will happen if they break something in the process of moving. Are they going to replace it for your or will you have to replace it. If you do have to replace it, is it going to be something that you will hold against them?

Imagine your friend attempting to move your HDTV and, in the process, they drop it and the screen shatters. HDTVs are not cheap to replace. This is a far too common scenario. It can cause animosity between friends when something is broken during a move.

Sustaining An Injury While Moving

If your friend is injured, who is going to pay their medical bills should they need medical attention?

When you are moving there are going to be large items that weigh a lot, like TVs, refrigerators, washers, dryers, couches, etc. When people are not experienced moving heavy items they may lift them incorrectly. This can cause a back injury. Items can also be dropped on feet or hands may be smashed between the item and a wall or a door.

Who Should I Ask To Help Me Move?

If you are moving and need help, call a licensed and insured moving company. Most reputable moving companies will replace items they are responsible for breaking. They will also have insurance that will cover their movers, should they be injured while moving your belongings.

Unlike your friends, All Reasons Moving offers the best and most streamlined moving service around. We are also licensed and insured.  Call us at (408) 351-9515 or fill out our free, online quote form to learn more about the moving services we can offer you.

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