5 Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

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Moving to your new home can be a pretty stressful situation to deal with. Add icy or wintry weather to the mix and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen. Many homeowners don’t stop to consider that inclement weather can easily slow down the moving process or even halt it altogether. As we get deeper and deeper into winter, homeowners should be more aware now of their surroundings than any other time of year. Here are some tips to keep you on track and prepare against the snow.

  1. Check the Weather: Being aware of the changing weather can really help during your move. The use of a weather app can come handy when you’re checking the weather once a week before the move and then every day during the move.
  2. Get Updates on Your Local Traffic News: Be aware of any road closures that may occur on your route. Be prepared to reach out to your moving company and don’t be afraid to express your concerns if there will be a delay in your move.
  3. Double-pack/Double-wrap Electronics and Fragile Items: The cold weather is not favored by electronics and glass items can get brittle in low temperatures. Double-pack electronics and keep them in a warmer environment such as secured in the cabin of the car. As for glass, double-wrap or add more packaging material to the moving boxes to better protect the items.
  4. Get Winter Essentials Ready: Extra towels, clothing, blankets, and even spare boots are essential for winter moves. Keep these items in your car so you can easily reach them to warm up. Once those winter essentials are packed, why not prepare some warm meals or drinks to add to the coziness of your drive?
  5. Keep Calm and Stay Flexible: Even if you feel you’ve prepared for the worst, anything can happen during winter weather. A sudden freeze could bring your entire move to a halt and in extreme cases, you may have to bunk down and wait out the storm. In these cases, keep the line of communication between yourself and your movers open. This way everyone is aware of the situation and what must be done once the worst has passed. Try your best to keep calm if your move is delayed and keep in mind that your safety comes before the move.

Don’t think you have to shoulder the entire weight of responsibility during your move. Always consider reaching out to your moving professionals. All Reasons Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping make your move smooth and cost-efficient. Since 1991, All Reasons Moving & Storage has been providing high quality moving and storage services to individuals, families and businesses in San Jose, California. Call us today for a free quote.

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