5 Moving Apps That Can Help Simplify Your Next Move

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Moving can be stressful due to the number of steps that may be required. Technology, thankfully, can make things easier by simplifying the moving process. There are some great mobile apps on the market right now that can streamline the moving process for you and your family.

5 Moving Apps to Help Your Move Be Less Stressful

  1. MagicPlan. Before your move, you can take pictures of your new home or apartment and use them to make a detailed, 3D floor plan with MagicPlan. This could be useful if you are downsizing in to a smaller home or apartment and aren’t sure if everything will fit. You do need to be somewhat computer savvy as it will take time to set up and enter all the data.
  2. Wunderlist. This is a to-do list app where you can make lists, set deadlines, schedule special reminders, and even share your list with people who are helping you move. Wunderlist also allows you to assign tasks to someone you’ve shared your list with.
  3. Sortly. This serves as a digital organizer that can help you take inventory of what you packed in each box. This can help tremendously with locating certain items once you move. In most cases if you are simply moving from one location to another and planning on unpacking everything once you arrive this could be a waste of time for you. If you plan on keeping boxes packed for a period of time it could be useful.
  4. Internet Speed Need Tool. There are certain things you want to make sure are set up as soon as you move to your next home, and your internet is one of them. This handy tool can let you know your internet speed, as well as providers in the area with the speed you’re looking for.
  5. NextDoor. This app can help you and your family get connected in your new neighborhood and find the resources you need. The app provides ways to find a babysitter, hear about neighborhood news, and keep updated on local events.

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