5 Important Steps to Take Before Moving In

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Congratulations!  You just bought a new house and are getting ready to move in!  There is so much to coordinate and do before the big move that sometimes you don’t know where to begin.  After you have secured a professional and reputable moving company, like All Reasons Moving, to help with the packing and transporting of your goods, you can start thinking about what other things need to be done before you move in.  When the house is still vacant is the best time to tackle some minor renovation needs.  Here are a list of the top five things that are a lot easier to do BEFORE you move in than after:

1)    Replace flooring:  Get rid of the previous owner’s tired and stained carpet. Installing a new flooring material can really give your home a fresh new look as well as create a mood for the home.  There are countless flooring options to choose from including carpet, laminate, cork, hardwood, tile or even concrete.  It is best to enlist the aid of an Interior Designer to narrow down your selections to ones that are most appropriate for your family’s activity level and stylistic preferences.  Carpet is usually the most economical option but you may want to think about a hard surface flooring like hardwood or laminate flooring if you have allergies, pets, kids or just don’t want the constant upkeep required to keep your carpets looking new.

2)    Put on a fresh coat of paint:  Now is the time to get rid of the bubblegum pink nursery wall color.  Or maybe you’ve always wanted a red accent wall in your dining room.  With literally hundreds of colors to choose from, Symmetry Designs can help you create a custom look in your home without having to paint a bunch of test paint colors on your walls first only to feel completely overwhelmed by all the choices.  Your painter would much prefer painting an empty house than having to spend the time to move and cover your furniture before painting.   It is best to use high quality paint like Kelly MooreBenjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.   These professional paints will go on smoother and are usually more durable than your standard home improvement store brand.

3)    Privacy Please:  Don’t get stuck moving into a new home only to find out that your neighbors next door prefer to do yoga in the nude in their living room.  Yikes!!!!  You can’t force them to cover up their windows but you can select specialty window treatments that will give you the visual privacy you want while still allowing light to come in.   One option is Silhouettes from Hunter Douglas because they have various light control options and give a very soft, elegant appearance.  Another option is Grand Design Décor window treatments.  They have beautifully lined grass cloth and fabric roman shades.  They give you an upscale look without breaking the bank.

4)    Furniture Facelift:  Many times your old furniture just doesn’t fit in your new home anymore.  Or maybe you are lucky enough to be upsizing and you need more furniture to fill in with your existing.  Do your research to make sure you are spending your money wisely.  Interior Designers are great resources for good quality furniture manufacturers.  Many times we can also offer a designer discount so you end up SAVING money when you would otherwise end up buying at retail prices.  We can make sure that your new furniture will fit the scale of the room, the style of the home and most importantly, will fit through the door!    This is a common mistake homeowners make when buying a piece of furniture.  They don’t think through how you are going to get it into the house, up the stairs and into the room it is intended for.

5)    Change the locks:  It’s always a good idea to change the locks when you move to a new house.  This will insure you are the only ones with keys to your new palace.  While you are at it, use this as an opportunity to change the door hardware as well to something that fits your style.  Hey, and don’t stop there.  You can find some attractive and economical outdoor light fixtures too to spruce up the exterior.  The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come to visit you so evaluate what sort of picture you are painting for your visitors.

Moving can be exhausting but with the help of the right professionals you can make sure that it is as pain free as possible.   Let Symmetry Designs be your resource for all those minor or major home renovation needs.   We offer complimentary design consultations and are happy to work on all sizes projects big and small.   Call us today to get started on creating the home of your dreams!

Happy Moving!

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